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Class: Banekiti

A strange enemy whose bouncy springs repel the player when they are using the Boo power-up. It cannot be defeated through any means. It can be frozen by the second player's pointer.



Initial Position Type: The object's initial position.

  • -1: Start at nearest position on path
  • 1: Start at nearest path point
  • 2: Start at first path point

Movement Speed / Time: The movement speed the object has starting from this point. If Point_arg7 is set to 1, this specifies the time in frames it takes to reach the next point.


    Acceleration Time: The time in frames it takes for the object to reach the movement speed set at this point.


      Stop Time: The time in frames the object waits at this point before it continues moving again.


        Speed Type: Decides whether Point_arg0 specifies the movement speed or the time it takes to reach the next point.

        • -1: Point_arg0 specifies movement speed
        • 1: Point_arg0 specifies time until next point

        Shake Start Type: Specifies whether the object will shake before it starts moving or not.

        • 0: Don't shake
        • 1: Shakes before moving
        • 2: Shakes before moving
        • 3: Don't shake
        • 4: Shakes before moving
        • 5: Shakes before moving



        The optional path that it can move on.