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Class: DinoPackunBaby

A Piranha Plant boss that resides inside its small egg before the battle starts. The player has to destroy its egg shell to reveal its large weak point. It can be damaged using Ground Pounds and Spin Attacks. Ground Pounding the shell from above will remove the entire shell at once. When its shell has been removed, it will run around in panic. The player has to repeat this procedure again to defeat it. It always damages the player upon contact. It will always spawn a Power Star when defeated, which requires a properly configured Scenario entry.



Starts the boss battle once activated.


Activated only while its shell has been fully destroyed. Otherwise, it gets deactivated.



ベビーディノパックンデモ位置 marks its position during cutscenes. プレイヤーデモ位置(ベビーディノパックン戦) sets the player's position before and after the boss fight as well as when the battle enters the second phase.


Uses the camera with the suffix 戦闘開始のうろつき at the start of the boss fight after it hatched.


Spawned after defeating it.