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Class: NoteFairy

A set of Rainbow Notes that can be collected in order to activate a switch. It can also spawn a Power Star if Obj_arg7 and the galaxy's Scenario file are configured correctly.



Number of Notes: If set to -1, the necessary notes to play the song will be created. If set to -2, notes will be placed on path points only. Any other positive number specifies how many notes should be spawned, however, this number is ignored when Obj_arg4 is not negative.


    Appearance Speed: How fast the creator note moves along the path. Requires Obj_arg3 set to any value between 1 and 6 inclusive. Default is 13.


      Time Limit: How long it takes before the notes disappear again. Default is 20.


        Appearance Type: Specifies how the individual notes appear and whether a short cutscene should be played or not.

        • -1: Notes already there
        • 1: Single note appears, moves along path and creates other notes, starts appearance camera
        • 2: Single note appears, moves along path and creates other notes, starts appearance camera
        • 3: Single note moves on path and creates trail of notes, cutscene runs until all notes have appeared
        • 4: Notes appear one by one, starts appearance camera
        • 5: Notes appear one by one
        • 6: Notes appear one by one, no appearance jingle plays

        Song Type: Specifies the song that should be played.

        • -2: Low ascending notes
        • -1: Ascending notes
        • 1: SMB Theme Intro (unused)
        • 2: SMB Underground
        • 3: SMB Theme Intro (unused)
        • 4: SMB Underwater
        • 5: SMW Bonus Stage

        Completion SFX Type: Can be used to enable the completion jingle.

        • -1: Don't play completion jingle
        • 0: Play completion jingle

        BGM Change Type: How the stage's BGM will be changed while the notes are active.

        • -1: Mute stage's BGM
        • 1: Lower stage's BGM volume

        Power Star Type: Specifies whether a Power Star should be spawned and how it appears.

        • -1: Doesn't spawn Power Star
        • 1: Spawn Power Star from object's position
        • 2: Spawn Power Star from note's position
        • 3: Spawn Power Star from note's position

        Note Play Length: Specifies how long each notes play out. Only used when Obj_arg0 is set to -2.



          The object will appear when this switch is activated.


          Gets activated after collecting all notes.


          If used, all notes will be destroyed once this switch is deactivated.



          The path that the notes will be placed on.


          Used when the notes appear. This is only used by a few appearance types.


          The object takes part in the cutscene.


          Spawns once all notes have been collected. Requires Obj_arg7 to be configured correctly.