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Class: RailMoveNormalLift

A simpler version of RailMoveObj with less arguments and configurations. It can use optional particle and sound effects. The particle and sound effect names are the same for all possible cases and the names themselves are self-explanatory: RailMoverStop, RailMoverWaitStart, RailMoverWaitStartMove, RailMoverRestartAtEnd, RailMoverWaiting, RailMoverMoveStart, RailMoverMoveLoop, RailMoverSignStart, RailMoverSignLoop, RailMoverStopAtPoint, RailMoverStopAtPointAfter, RailMoverStopAtPointLoop, RailMoverStopAtEnd, RailMoverStopAtEndAfter, RailMoverStopAtEndLoop, and RailMoverStopAtEndWithPlayerOn. Furthermore, it also supports the optional animations Move and RailMoveSign; the latter would be used when SignMotionType is set to a value representing the shaking behavior. Lastly, it can also use the stage effects Start, Moving, and Stop.



Initial Position Type: The object's initial position.

  • -1: Start at nearest position on path
  • 1: Start at nearest path point
  • 2: Start at first path point

Snapping Speed: If used, the object stays at its original position and moves to its actual position on the path. This setting specifies how fast the object snaps back into its original position. The higher the value is, the slower it moves.


    Movement Speed / Time: The movement speed the object has starting from this point. If Point_arg7 is set to 1, this specifies the time in frames it takes to reach the next point.


      Acceleration Time: The time in frames it takes for the object to reach the movement speed set at this point.


        Stop Time: The time in frames the object waits at this point before it continues moving again.


          Speed Type: Decides whether Point_arg0 specifies the movement speed or the time it takes to reach the next point.

          • -1: Point_arg0 specifies movement speed
          • 1: Point_arg0 specifies time until next point

          Shake Start Type: Specifies whether the object will shake before it starts moving or not.

          • 0: Don't shake
          • 1: Shakes before moving
          • 2: Shakes before moving
          • 3: Don't shake
          • 4: Shakes before moving
          • 5: Shakes before moving



          The path movement speed is adjusted with ParamScale while this switch is activated.



          The path that it moves on.