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Class: TreasureBoxCracked

A treasure chest that can be opened through various means, for example Koopa Shells. It can contain various different items or no item at all. The object's suffix determines what item to use: AirBubble creates an Air Bubble, Coin creates a single Coin, YellowChip creates a Star Chip, BlueChip creates a Blue Star Chip, KinokoOneUp creates a 1-Up Mushroom, KinokoLifeUp creates a Life Mushroom and Power Star creates a Power Star. However, all items will generate a 1-Up Mushroom in SMG2. The object's prefix also determines what model to load. Aside from Koopa Shells, it can also be opened through various other means (Obj_arg2).



SW_A Delay / Chip Group ID: If the object is the Empty variant, this specifies how long it takes to activate SW_A after opening the chest. Default is 5. If the object is a YellowChip or BlueChip variant, this specifies the group ID that the Chip object belongs to.

    • TreasureBoxEmpty
    • TreasureBoxCrackedEmpty
    • TreasureBoxGoldEmpty
    • TreasureBoxBlueChip
    • TreasureBoxYellowChip
    • TreasureBoxCrackedBlueChip
    • TreasureBoxCrackedYellowChip

    Unlock Requirement: Determines the object required to open the chest.

    • -1: Normal
    • 1: Gold Shell
    • 2: Already Opened
    • 3: Coconuts & Stretch Plants (SMG2 only)

      Power Star ID: The scenario ID of the Power Star to be spawned. -1 will look for the first scenario entry.

        • TreasureBoxCrackedPowerStar



        Gets activated after the chest opening animation has ended.


        Gets activated after successfully opening the chest.


        The object will become visible and resume movement when this switch is activated.



        Red Koopa Shells and Gold Shells home in on this object.