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Class: TubeSliderDamageObj

A generator that creates Spiky Plants and lays them out on a tube slide. It needs to be linked to a proper TubeSlider instance using GeneratorId. When configuring the object, one has to be careful with the settings because some Spiky Plants may not get positioned correctly.



Broken Variant Type: Specifies what model to load. Since the model TubeSliderFire has been removed, using this setting without a proper model will crash the game. Default is 0.

  • 0: Spiky Plant
  • 1: Fire (crashes)

Width: The number of Spiky Plant lines. Should be greater than or equal to 1. Default is 1.


    Length: The number of Spiky Plant rows. Should be greater than or equal to 1. Default is 1.


      Edge Offset: The offset from the tube's edge at which the objects should be placed. Default is 0.


        Row Distance: The distance between the rows. Default is 500.


          Starting Angle: The angle around the tube slide from which the objects will be placed. Default is 180.


            Valid Degrees: The degrees of the tube segment that the objects occupy. Default is 0.


              Twist Angle: The amount of degrees it twists around counter clockwise. Default is 0.